Forty Seven Bank: Multi-Asset Platform

Forty Seven Bank makes trading cryptocurrencies easy.

Seeking to bridge the world of cryptocurrencies with the traditional financial world, Forty Seven Bank is developing a platform allowing customers to easily navigate between their bank accounts and cryptocurrency accounts. Rather than seeking to uproot traditional finance, Forty Seven Bank will combine the best of both words for an unparalleled customer experience.

At the core of the Forty Seven Bank platform is the Multi-Asset Account, which will allow customers to access their accounts from multiple banks in Europe, as well as their cryptocurrencies and other assets using a single platform, while abiding by privacy laws. The ability of customers to use a single platform for all of their banking needs will help them to better manage their money and investments. Customers will be able to send and receive payments, see their transactions, and trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin with their Multi-Asset Account that will be accessible with mobile devices and desktops. The platform will also offer debit and credit cards allowing users to spend cryptocurrencies to buy real-world goods and services, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Besides offering cryptocurrencies, Forty Seven Bank will develop and offer crypto-bonds: these are bonds backed by cryptocurrencies. Forty Seven Bank will also offer futures, options, insurance, and loans. By offering all of these services and integrating them with cryptocurrencies, Forty Seven Bank will cater to all of the banking needs of its customers. Moreover, the platform will allow for third-party developers to build on top of it and take advantage of its thriving ecosystem.

For businesses, Forty Seven Bank will offer them the ability to accept payment in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and to exchange them as needed. By partnering with Forty Seven Bank, businesses will be able to expand their customer base to those who own cryptocurrencies,  a market that is growing exponentially. Businesses will also benefit from the smart invoicing  and machine learning analytics offered by the platform once they join.

Forty Seven Bank is currently conducting a crowdsale that ends April 31, 2018. From now to the end of the crowdsale, the native token of the platform, FSBT, can be purchased for 0.0047 ETH. FSBT tokens are ERC20 tokens that run on top of the Ethereum blockchain. FSBT token holders will be entitled to voting on matters on the platform and will receive 20 percent of the net profits of the platform annually. Thus far, the soft cap has been reached. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are interested in the merger of cryptocurrencies with traditional finance should do their own due diligence and consider learning more about this intiguing project.

*I am receiving FSBT tokens for the growth of the community.

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