Earn Free Bitcoins

Is it possible to get free bitcoins online? Absolutely. However, it’s not necessarily easy as some assert. Given that bitcoin is money, it will not be handed away in significant amounts, though some websites give small amounts in exchange for completing minor tasks or challenges, such as correctly answering captchas. Patience is a requirement for benefiting from these websites, and over time those with this trait may find the process of obtaining free bitcoins rewarding.

Given that I have been testing out various faucets and websites in recent days, I will provide links to what I believe to be the very best places to get free bitcoin. It should be noted that I am not the owner of any of these other websites, though I will provide affiliate links given that I have put the time to state the facts correctly and am sharing that with you. I will not waste your time or mine on websites that do not deserve to be in this type of article. This article is likely to be updated as I continue my testing and discover new faucets.

Setting Realistic Expectations

This is important because before you begin with the tasks required, it is important to understand how much bitcoin you can earn each day. Depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put in, it can be from a few cents up to a dollar a day. Obviously, this is not going to interest some people, though it can be an enjoyable experience for some to solve the puzzles to obtain free bitcoin, though the rewards are small. Over time, those who persist may find themselves having accumulated a significant amount of bitcoin, similar to change that is put into a piggy bank that builds up. Most faucets also allow users to earn satoshis through referrals,

Additionally, these puzzles require a degree of skill, and over time those who continually solve them will get better at them as well as navigating the websites that have them, enabling them to earn even more bitcoin by completing the tasks more quickly.

Creating Your Bitcoin Address

Before starting to earn your first bitcoins, it is important to create your own bitcoin address. You can use many services for this, so I won’t elaborate on that here. Services that change your address with each transaction will allow you to reuse a previously used address, though for this strategy it may be advantageous to use a wallet with a fixed address, given that you may be required to login with your bitcoin address with some faucets.

Micropayment Services

Given that the transaction fees for bitcoin have soared, micropayment services have arisen to fill the need of providing micropayments to those using faucets and other services providing free bitcoin. Among the most most popular are CoinPotFaucethub.io, and Xapo.  Many faucets will automatically sync up and transfer your earnings to one or more of these services. Registering with these bitcoin micropayment providers, preferably with an email address if the option is available, is essential to building up your stack of bitcoins over time.

Best Bitcoin Faucets

Moon Bitcoin has quickly become my favorite, because the website allows you to claim bitcoin every five minutes, has relatively easy puzzles to solve, and offers bonuses to daily users. You can claim at least 12 satoshis every five minutes, with the amount of satoshis rising the longer you wait to claim. The bonuses offered can add up significantly over time. Additionally, the website pays instantly if you have a CoinPot account and link your CoinPot bitcoin address with it. This faucet also has an excellent referral program, paying 50 percent commissions on earnings by referrals. This website has a stellar reputation in the bitcoin community.

Bit Fun allows you to claim satoshis every three minutes, and the amounts you can win get bigger the longer you wait for each claim. Payments are immediately made to CoinPot. With diligence it is possible to earn hundreds of satoshis from this faucet each day. This faucet offers a whopping 50 percent commission on referrals.

Bonus Bitcoin allows you to claim 20 to 100 satoshis every 15 minutes.  The faucet requires users to login and complete a captcha. Payments are issued directly to CoinPot. This faucet gives a 50 percent commission on referrals.

Free Bitcoin has a very easy captcha and offers over 50 satoshis each hour. The website also offers gambling and the ability to earn interest on a deposit. You can withdraw after accumulating 30,000 satoshis. Be careful not to gamble your money away.

Best Change allows users to claim 10 to 1,000 satoshis each hour. The faucet is easy and straightforward to use. While it may be frustrating to only earn 10 to 20 satoshis a claim, this faucet can surprise you by giving you a massive number of satoshis — up to 1,000 — by surprise, driving the overall average of claims up. Plus, only 5,000 satoshis is needed to withdraw directly to your wallet. You can earn a 10 percent bonus on faucet claims by referrals.

Avoiding Bad Faucets

The key to earning free bitcoins consistently and enjoyably is by avoiding bad faucets. Bad faucets have very complex puzzles requiring too much time with little reward, have technical problems, use excessive redirects or ads, or do not pay or are inconsistent in paying. Your time and effort are valuable, so it is best to stick with faucets that will actually reward you when it is expected and deserved.

Importance of Patience

The key to succeeding with these faucets is by being patient and not expecting to make riches. Just have fun and let the free bitcoins build up. You don’t even have to spend too much time on these faucets, as you can simply leave the windows open in other browser tabs and revisit them while doing something else online or offline, so that you waste as little time as possible while earning at intervals. With patience, you will find your free bitcoins piling up over time and the process potentially very rewarding.