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Konios: Secure Crypto Platform

Konios is a trust-based cryptocurrency exchange.

As the market for cryptocurrency exchanges heats up, Konios has emerged with a unique method of allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies using “face-to-face” (F2F) transactions along with a trust rating system. Using this platform, users can find other users close to them who are willing to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash.

Cryptocurrency traders have had difficulty converting them to fiat currencies. Among the constraints are limits placed by exchanges that are concerned about potentially violating anti-money laundering (AML) laws. An additional obstacle is that exchanges may offer different cryptocurrencies, due to the immaturity of the market, thus affecting their liquidity. Besides the difficulty of illiquidity, the immaturity of the market means that exchanges are not meeting a consistent standard of customer service provided in the financial industry as a whole. These issues have hindered mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, as investors tend to shy away from risk. By offering a trust-based system with strong security measures, Konios aims to build consumer confidence and liquidity within the market.

To make trading cryptocurrencies as easy as possible for beginners and experts, Konios will develop a user-friendly app that can be accessed using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. Users will be able to see the cryptocurrencies they own, the value of their cryptocurrencies, their transaction histories, and will be able to set security preferences. Additionally, users can send and receive cryptocurrencies, exchange cryptocurrencies, trade cryptocurrencies for goods and services, and find other users close to them to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash.

Once a user finds another user with whom they wish to transact, they can send a message to that user expressing their interest. The other user can then accept the request, if he or she wishes, and thus set up a F2F meeting at a place and time of their choosing. By accepting the request, a smart contract is created that will temporarily hold from the seller the agreed upon amount of the cryptocurrency. Upon meeting, the users will scan a QR code to verify their presence. The buyer will then hand cash over to the seller, who will then verify that the cash is authentic, with tips available on the app to detect counterfeit cash. At this point, the buyer and the seller will confirm that cash has exchanged hands. After the seller counts and verifies the cash, both sides will confirm that they have fulfilled their obligations, and the smart contract will release the cryptocurrency to the buyer. Following the transaction, the users will rate each other, allowing those who might trade with them in the future have a better idea of their trustworthiness. For high transaction amounts, users can opt to have a third-party validator oversee the transaction for a small fee.

The native token of the platform is KON, an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will be rewarded in KON for their participation, including registering and receiving positive feedback from other users. KON will be used by the platform for all transactions. Businesses can earn KON by providing a secure meeting place for users.

The main crowdsale for Konios starts May 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2018. During the crowdsale, KON can be bought for $0.01, with bonuses available to early buyers. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, in a part of Europe with strict regulations and high standards in finance, perhaps adding credibility to the project among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As an exchange using a trust-based system, Konios will have a competitive over other exchanges with questionable reputations.

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Forty Seven Bank: Multi-Asset Platform

Forty Seven Bank makes trading cryptocurrencies easy.

Seeking to bridge the world of cryptocurrencies with the traditional financial world, Forty Seven Bank is developing a platform allowing customers to easily navigate between their bank accounts and cryptocurrency accounts. Rather than seeking to uproot traditional finance, Forty Seven Bank will combine the best of both words for an unparalleled customer experience.

At the core of the Forty Seven Bank platform is the Multi-Asset Account, which will allow customers to access their accounts from multiple banks in Europe, as well as their cryptocurrencies and other assets using a single platform, while abiding by privacy laws. The ability of customers to use a single platform for all of their banking needs will help them to better manage their money and investments. Customers will be able to send and receive payments, see their transactions, and trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin with their Multi-Asset Account that will be accessible with mobile devices and desktops. The platform will also offer debit and credit cards allowing users to spend cryptocurrencies to buy real-world goods and services, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Besides offering cryptocurrencies, Forty Seven Bank will develop and offer crypto-bonds: these are bonds backed by cryptocurrencies. Forty Seven Bank will also offer futures, options, insurance, and loans. By offering all of these services and integrating them with cryptocurrencies, Forty Seven Bank will cater to all of the banking needs of its customers. Moreover, the platform will allow for third-party developers to build on top of it and take advantage of its thriving ecosystem.

For businesses, Forty Seven Bank will offer them the ability to accept payment in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and to exchange them as needed. By partnering with Forty Seven Bank, businesses will be able to expand their customer base to those who own cryptocurrencies,  a market that is growing exponentially. Businesses will also benefit from the smart invoicing  and machine learning analytics offered by the platform once they join.

Forty Seven Bank is currently conducting a crowdsale that ends April 31, 2018. From now to the end of the crowdsale, the native token of the platform, FSBT, can be purchased for 0.0047 ETH. FSBT tokens are ERC20 tokens that run on top of the Ethereum blockchain. FSBT token holders will be entitled to voting on matters on the platform and will receive 20 percent of the net profits of the platform annually. Thus far, the soft cap has been reached. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are interested in the merger of cryptocurrencies with traditional finance should do their own due diligence and consider learning more about this intiguing project.

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Crypterium: Cryptobank for Everyone

The Crypterium Cryptobank allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.

Seeking to become a leading exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, Crypterium plans to create a Cryptobank for immediate conversion between them. Currently, Crypterium is having a crowdsale that has raised about $35 million, which will enable the project to build the software infrastructure to bring the liquidity to achieve its goals.

The Cryptobank app to allow for exchanging of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin with fiat currencies and that will provide other financial services will be available for Android and iOS users. The Cryptobank app will emphasize user-friendliness and will provide users access to millions of merchants globally with a virtual card. Users will be able to purchase goods and services online with ease, and will be able to pay for goods and services at physical spaces such as restaurants and shopping malls by scanning QR-codes. A network subtoken, CRED, will be issued for loans within the network, with a credit rating and interest rates based on the user’s history.

The Crypterium Cryptobank app makes payments for goods and services easy.

The Crypterium token, CRPT, will be generated during the crowdsale, and will be capped at 300 million. In order to use the network, ownership of CRPT will be required, ensuring that the token becomes a central feature of the ecosystem. Each time a user makes a transaction through the network, 0.5 percent of the transaction value in the form of CRPT will get burned, serving to diminish the overall supply of CRPT and rewarding Crypterium investors.

To entice users to use the network, Crypterium will establish a Loyalty Rewards program, which gives users cash back on purchases made. Each month, 30 percent of Crypterium’s transaction profit will be distributed to CRPT token holders and active users of the network through a Monthly Loyalty Fund (MLF). This, and other benefits of CRPT tokens, will incentivize owning and using the tokens.

The crowdsale for Crypterium will end January 18, 2018. Until then, investors will have the opportunity to obtain CRPT tokens at a discount. Funds raised during the crowdsale will help the project cover operational and marketing expenses. The nominal value of CRPT is 0.0001 BTC, with bonuses allotted depending on how early in the crowdsale the tokens are purchased.

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HydroMiner H2O Tokens

HydroMiner H2O tokens are ERC20 compliant.

HydroMiner, a project aiming to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using cheap hydroelectric power from the European Alps, is having an initial coin offering (ICO) and issuing its own token, H2O. The project was established by Nadine and Nicole Damblon, who in 2014 began mining bitcoin from their apartment in Austria and soon thereafter decided to expand to hydroelectric power plants to increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Currently, as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increase in price and as competition to mine them intensify, the cost of mining cryptocurrencies has been rising significantly over time, making mining unprofitable for average people in many countries where the cost of electricity is relatively high. As the costs continue to rise due to increased competition among miners, many projects will need to scale their mining to attain profitability and continue their operations. By using hydroelectric power — a cheap, renewable form of energy — HydroMiner will be able to compete with mining farms in countries with cheap electricity, such as China.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, H2O will be backed by physical assets such as the mining equipment and contracts for hydroelectric power plants, as well as the expertise and experience of the project’s founders. The funds raised during the ICO will be used to expand beyond the current plants in Austria to neighboring countries of Europe, as well as to administer the project. H2O token holders will be able to purchase mining power contracts and will receive the profits of their investments, minus the costs of running the project.

HydroMiner H2O tokens can be used to buy mining contracts.

HydroMiner will use sea freight containers, which can easily be assembled and disassembled, to store the mining equipment and keep it cool at the hydroelectric power plants. A portion of the funds from the ICO will be allotted toward the purchasing of them.

H2O tokens are ERC20 compliant, which will allow token holders to store them in common Ethereum wallets. As an ERC20 token, H2O will join the increasingly popular Ethereum protocol, which has a reputation for having a strong community and emphasizing security. No more than 100,000,000 H2O tokens will be created, which helps provide the token with a floor of value, given that it cannot be mined or inflated as with other cryptocurrencies.

From October 18 to November 15, 2017, HydroMiner will be having its ICO. This will be an opportunity for investors to buy some tokens at a discount.

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